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Supercharge Your Startup Valuation

Both Print & Kindle e-Book Versions are Available

Thank you for your interest in getting a copy of this book.


You have 3 options. 


1. Kindle e-Book


The book is available on the Amazon Kindle book store for USD9.90 an e-book.

Click here to buy:


2. Print version (paperback)

If you need a print version of the book, then you can also buy it from Amazon at USD19.90 per copy.

Click here to buy:


3. Print version (Malaysian buyers only)

If you’re based in Malaysia you can buy the print version directly from me. The price is MYR75.00 per copy incl of delivery.

Send me your information via the form below.

If you're buying more than 10 books then email me for bulk purchase price: 

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