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Why a book on Valuation?

One of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur needs to make is accepting an investment from an Angel investor or Venture Capitalist or selling their company to an acquirer. Ultimately this decision will be dependent on the valuation of the deal and that's where the problem lies.


The biggest cause of failure in Angel Investment and Venture Capital deal closure or an Acquisition is disagreements on valuation.  The primary reason for this failure is the lack of understanding by entrepreneurs and some angels on how to value the business.


This book aims to close the gap in valuation negotiations between entrepreneurs and investors, by helping both parties understand the key elements and methods of valuation. The ultimate objective is to reduce the number of deals that fail because both parties cannot agree on a valuation.

Supercharge Your Startup Valuation explains in simple but clear language how both entrepreneurs and investors can value startups. It clarifies this complex subject with easy-to-understand methods and provides readers with ideas on how to enhance their valuation.

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur wanting to determine the true value of your company, or an investor keen to set an acceptable valuation for a deal, this is an ideal book for you.


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Why Blue Sky Innovation is Different 

This is a unique book on innovation that makes it clear to entrepreneurs and innovators that innovation is not only about technology or product innovation but that innovation covers a much wider spectrum including business model innovation, process and other non-technology business innovations.


The majority of innovation is small incremental technology innovations that contribute to small organic gains but not super profits or billion dollar valuations.


In fact more money is made from business innovation than just product innovation.

Leading companies like Apple, Ikea and AirAsia thrive on Blue Sky Innovation.

This book will show you many different forms of business innovations that will make a significant difference to your business.

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