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This is a selection of my articles or press articles about me or my companies

The only way to create unicorns is for founders to change their mindsets to build global instead of local.

Entrepreneurs also need to have different options for funding as different VCs may view deals in different ways. That’s why sometimes many VCs will reject a deal but another VC may spot an opportunity and that may be a hugely successful company.

To ensure that our companies have the funds to scale and grow and to continue to remain and contribute to our economy, we need the VC industry to be strengthened and expanded. 

Doc Siva feels that the tech entrepreneurship or the technopreneur industry has come a long way, and we’re now beginning to see the second generation of companies, comprising many young entrepreneurs hoping to emulate their peers to create successful companies.

Digital is all-pervasive and impacts every part of society and business. The transformation that’s taking place in society and business is phenomenal and at a speed never imagined before.

Startups are drivers of innovation in the new economy. They represent the world as it could be, perhaps as it should be. Our startups not only contribute from a technological perspective but also in job creation and talent development. Arguably, for every 100 failures there is at least 1 company which has the ability to change an industry, employ hundreds and generate millions in revenue

We present these 10 stimulus ideas as recommendations which we believe can help bolster the startup ecosystem. We recognise how some recommendations might seem ambitious. Nonetheless, in these times of crisis lies an opportunity for Malaysia to reshape the landscape of our new economy.

Most social enterprises haven’t done well not because of the model but because the fundamental principle of the model – make a profit and then fund social programmes - hasn’t been fully understood by the founders.

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